1.    All new good supply by Tulbach Computers (PTY) LTD are guaranteed to the manufactures product specifications warranties only. 

2.    Tulbach Computers (PTY) LTD  explicitly follows the  manufactures warranty / guarantee guidelines and will only offer,  what is offered by the Manufactured.

3.    All defect goods shall be returned to by the client on his or hers expenses to Tulbach Computers (PTY) LTD within fourteen days (14 days) of the alleged defect occurring. A writing notice from you the client shall be accompanied by the original tax invoice or a copy of the original tax invoice.

4.    The client shall return the defective goods package in the original packaging. Failing to return the goods in the original packaging will result in no guarantee or warranty claim will be enforceable.

5.    All warranties and guarantees shall become immediately void and null should any equipment be tempered with; seals broken,  removed, or the  modification  of the goods or operated outside Manufacturer’s specifications  supplied by Tulbach Computers (PTY) LTD.